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Network Security
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Postgraduate (PG)
School of Engineering
Cyber Security

"Network Security" is a course offered in the first semester of M. Tech. in Cyber Security Systems & Networks program at School of Engineering, Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham, Amritapuri.

Introduction - Overview of computer networks and network security

Application layer - Overview of HTTP, FTP, SMTP and DNS and socket programming. Weaknesses, vulnerabilities and attacks against above protocols - hijacking, spoofing and DoS attacks. Attacks using above protocols: simple, amplified and distributed DoS attacks.

Application layer security - Goals, cryptography primitives and principles, TLS - Objectives, protocol, working and features, PGP: Overview, objective, working, features and limitations. Firewalls, Intrusion Detection Systems and Intrusion Prevention Systems.Future directions. Transport layer - Introduction, objectives, unreliable data transfer and UDP, general principles of reliable data transfer, TCP: Overview, reliable data transfer, flow control, congestion control. Attacks against transport layer protocols: UDP flooding, TCP spoofing, TCP connection hijacking, TCP SYN flood.

Network layer – Addressing schemes(IPv4 and IPv6), Forwarding and routing in Internet, Routing algorithms, Routing protocols in Internet(OSPF, RIP and BGP), BGP security, ICMP, NAT, IPSec – Introduction, Tunnel and Transfer Modes, IPSec Authentication Header, Encapsulating Security Header and Payload, IPSec Key Exchange and VPNs.

Link layer - Introduction and services, Link layer addressing, Multiple Access Protocols, Ethernet, ARP, Attacks against and vulnerabilities in ARP.

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