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Course Detail

Course Name Nuclear and Particle Physics
Course Code 22PHY511
Semester 8
Credits 4


Unit 1

Basic Concepts: History and Overview, Units and Dimensions, Nuclear Properties, Radius, Mass and Abundance of nuclides, Binding energy, Angular Momentum, Spin and Parity, Electromagnetic moments, and nuclear excited states

Unit 2

Nuclear Structure: The Deuteron, Nucleon-Nucleon Scattering, Proton-Proton and Neutron-Neutron Interactions, Properties of Nuclear Forces, The Exchange Force Model, Nuclear Models, Liquid-Drop Model, Shell Model, Collective Model of the Nucleus

Unit 3

Radioactive Decays: Alpha Decay, The Q-value of alpha decay, Gamow’s theory of alpha decay, Beta decay, Fermi theory of beta decay, Parity violation in beta decay, Gamma Decay, Internal conversion, Nuclear Isomers

Unit 4

Nuclear Reactions: The Optical Model, The Compound Nucleus and Direct Reactions, Resonance Reactions, Heavy-Ion Reactions, Nuclear Fission, Characteristics of Fission, Energy in Fission, Nuclear Fusion, Characteristics of Fusion, Solar Fusion.

Unit 5

Particle Physics: Particle Interactions and Families, Symmetry and Conservation laws, Standard Model, Quark Dynamics, Grand Unified Theories.


Knowledge of basic and advanced Quantum Mechanics.

Course Objectives
The objective of the course is to impart knowledge about basic nuclear physics properties and nuclear models for understanding of related reaction dynamics and basic concepts and fundamental principles of particle physics.

Text Books & References

Text Books:

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Reference Books:

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