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Unit 1

Nomenclature of Organic compounds: Polyenes, Alkynes with and without functional groups by IUPAC nomenclature. Aromatic and Heteroaromatic systems – nomenclature of heterocycles having not more than two hetero atoms such as oxygen, sulphur, nitrogen.

Stereochemistry: Tacticity, R/S system of nomenclature of central and axial molecules.

Unit 2

Atropisomerism – isomerism of biphenyls – allenes and spiranes – ansa compounds – Geometrical isomerism, E, Z Isomerism. Asymmetric synthesis.

Conformational Analysis: Optical activity and chirality – Conformational Analysis of cyclic and acyclic system – Conformational effects on reactivity of acyclic systems only.

Unit 3

Asymmetric synthesis: Stereo selective – Stereo specific – Regioselective and Regiospecific reactions. Principle of protection of alcohol, amine, carboxyl and carbonyl groups – Functional group inter conversions – Disconnection approach – Reversal of polarity – reagents in synthesis.

Text Books

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