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Principles of Economics and Management
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Postgraduate (PG)
School of Arts and Sciences
School of Engineering

'Principles of Economics and Management' is a course offered in M. C. A. (Master of Computer Applications) program at Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham.

Introduction to Management: Managers and Management - History Module - The HistoricalRoots of Contemporary Management Practices, The Management Environment. Planning:Foundations of Planning - Foundations of Decision Making - Quantitative ModuleQuantitative Decision-Making Aids. Organizing: Basic Organization Designs - Staffing andHuman Resource Management - Career Module Building Your Career - Managing Change,Stress, and Innovation .Leading-Foundations of Individual and Group Behavior - Understanding Work Teams – Motivatingand Rewarding Employees - Leadership and Trust - Communication and Interpersonal Skills.Introduction to Economics: The Firm and Its Goals - Review of Mathematical Concepts usedin Managerial Economics, Supply and Demand - The Mathematics of Supply and Demand,Demand Elasticity - Applications of Supply and Demand, Demand Estimation andForecasting, The Theory and Estimation of Production - The Multiple-Input Case -Expressing the Production Function with the Use of Calculus, The Theory and Estimation ofCost - A Mathematical Restatement of the Short-Run Cost Function - The Estimation of Cost.29Pricing and Output Decisions: Perfect Competition and Monopoly - The Use of Calculus in Pricing and Output Decisions - Break-Even Analysis (Volume-Cost-Profit), MonopolisticCompetition and Oligopoly - Special Pricing Practices.

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