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Probability and Statistics
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Postgraduate (PG)
School of Engineering

'Probability and Statistics' is a course offered in third semester of M. C. A. (Master of Computer Applications) program at School of Engineering, Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham, Amritapuri.

Probability Theory: Experiments - Outcomes- Probability- Conditional Probability and Bayes’ Theorem. Random Variables and Probability Distributions- Mean and Variance of a Distribution. Discrete and continuous distributions - Binomial- Poisson, hyper geometric - uniform and Normal Distributions – mean, variance central moments- Moment generating function - Two dimensional random variables – joint probability density-cumulative distribution – marginal probability – Statistics: Linear Correlation –correlation coefficient – properties of correlation coefficient – rank correlation coefficient – Regression – equation of linear regression – Tchebyshev’s inequality - Central Limit Theorem.

Testing of Hypothesis. Parameter and statistic – sampling distribution – Estimation and testing of hypothesis – critical region and level of significance – errors in testing of hypothesis – one-tailed and two-tailed tests – procedure for testing hypothesis – confidence interval – test of significance of large and small samples – Student’s t-distribution – Sndecor’s F distribution Chi-Square Test for Goodness of fit and Independence.

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