'Professional Communication' is a course offered in Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham.

To convey and document information in a formal environment; to acquire the skill of self projection in professional circles; to inculcate critical and analytical thinking.

Unit I

Vocabulary Building: Prefixes and Suffixes; One word substitutes, Modal auxiliaries,Error Analysis: Position of Adverbs, Redundancy, misplaced modifiers,Dangling modifiers – Reported Speech

Unit II

Instruction, Suggestion & Recommendation - Sounds of English: Stress, Intonation - Essay writing: Analytical and Argumentative

Unit III

Circulars, Memos – Business Letters - e - mails

Unit IV

Reports: Trip report, incident report, event report - Situational Dialogue - Group Discussion

Unit V

Listening and Reading Practice - Book Review

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  • Michael Swan. Practical English Usage, Oxford University Press. 2005
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  • Raymond V. Lesikar and Marie E. Flatley. Basic Business Communication, Tata Mc Graw Hill Pub. Co. New Delhi. 2005. Tenth Edition.
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