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Course Detail

Course Name Statistical Inference
Course Code 19MAT341
Program B. Tech. in Computer and Communication Engineering
Year Taught 2019


Unit 1

Introduction to Statistics: Data Collection and Descriptive Statistics, Populations and Samples, describing data sets, summarizing data sets, Normal Data Sets, Paired Data Sets and the Sample Correlation Coefficient. Review of Random Variables and Distributions, Distributions of Sampling Statistics, The Sample Mean, The Central Limit Theorem, The Sample Variance, Sampling Distributions from a Normal Population, Distribution of the Sample Mean, Joint Distribution of x and S2, Sampling from a Finite Population.

Unit 2

Parameter Estimation: Introduction, Maximum Likelihood Estimators, Interval Estimates, Estimating the Difference in Means of Two normal populations, Approximate Confidence Interval for the Mean of a Bernoulli random variable, Confidence Interval of the Mean of the Exponential Distribution, Evaluating a Point Estimator, The Bayes Estimator. Hypothesis Testing: Introduction, Significance Levels, Tests Concerning the Mean of a Normal Population, Testing the Equality of Means of Two Normal Populations, Hypothesis Tests Concerning the Variance of a Normal Population, Tests Concerning the Mean of a Poisson Distribution.

Unit 3

Regression: Introduction, Least Squares Estimators of the Regression Parameters, Distribution of the Estimators, Statistical Inferences about the Regression Parameters, the Coefficient of Determination and the Sample Correlation Coefficient, Analysis of Residuals, transforming to Linearity, Weighted Least Squares, Polynomial Regression, Multiple Linear Regression, Predicting Future Responses, Logistic Regression Models for Binary Output Data.

Textbook / References


  • Ross S.M., Introduction to Probability and Statistics for Engineers and Scientists, 3rd edition, Elsevier Academic Press.


  • Douglas C. Montgomery and George C. Runger, Applied Statistics and Probability for Engineers, John Wiley and Sons Inc., 2005
  • Ravichandran, J. Probability and Statistics for engineers, First Reprint Edition, Wiley India, 2012.
  • Ronald E. Walpole, Raymond H. Myers, Sharon L. Myers and Keying Ye, Probability and Statistics for Engineers and Scientists, 8th Edition, Pearson Education Asia, 2007.
  • Hogg, R.V., Tanis, E.A. and Rao J.M., Probability and Statistical Inference, Seventh Ed, Pearson Education, New Delhi.

Evaluation Pattern

Assessment Internal External
Periodical 1 (P1) 15
Periodical 2 (P2) 15
*Continuous Assessment (CA) 20
End Semester 50
*CA – Can be Quizzes, Assignment, Projects, and Reports.

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