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“A Nation’s culture resides in the hearts and souls of its people.”-Mahatma Gandhi

One of the oldest and most varied cultures in the world is Indian culture. India is the centre of attention due to its hospitality, greetings, ethics, and sense of belongingness, togetherness, and flexible behavior. Moral ideals serve as the foundation for Indian customs. These principles foster compassion, which is crucial for peaceful coexistence in society.

The mission of the Department of Cultural Education & India Studies is to provide an informed and genuine understanding of the significance of Indian civilization and culture. India’s culture is a conglomeration of smaller, distinctive civilizations. Clothing, holidays, dialects, religions, music, dance, architecture, food, and art are all part of India’s culture. The world now views India’s rich cultural legacy and scientific knowledge as enlivening cultural elements that permeate modern civilization. Many young people today are eager to adopt and put into practise the cultural aspects of the timeless knowledge in Indian philosophy that has passed through the ancestry of Rishis and Mahatmas.

Every department’s curriculum at Amrita Viswa Vidyapeetham-Kochi includes cultural education lessons, emphasizing regional languages, value education, social awareness initiatives, Indian mythology, organic farming, environmental awareness initiatives, and Indian culture and heritage. The department, which has a top-notch faculty profile made up of both in-house and visiting professionals, is responsible for initiating and managing the cultural education that is integrated into the curriculum of all the university’s academic programs.

All of these programs enable us to study our traditions and history and help us become more self-aware. Our culture’s cornerstone, heritage, is crucial to politics, society, and economy by fostering an all-encompassing perspective on the world.

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