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About the Department

The Department of Visual Media and Communication at Amrita School of Arts and Sciences, Kochi has pioneered a uniquely incorporated combination of innovative media theories and practical works, designed to foster the critical understanding and creative use of the audio-visual media.

Students are endowed with a comprehensive grounding in the practical and theoretical areas of Journalism, Mass Communication and Broadcast Media including TV, Radio and Web, Print Media, Graphics, Multimedia, Animation, Visual Arts, PR and Advertising, Film Studies, Painting and Photography.

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The Department conducts various activities round the year. Some of the activities run by the unit are:

  • Annual Seminars on Ideation, Illustration and Theatre
  • Photography and Lighting Tools workshop
  • Expert Talks & Workshops for Faculty Training
  • Workshops on Creative Thinking and Copywriting for Advertising
  • Workshops on Design for Arts and Process of Digital Advertising
  • ‘Cinemates’ – Workshop on Film production and Cinematography
  • ‘Camera Speaks’ – Photography exhibition by the students & faculties , with special seminars from Eminent personalities
  • ‘Dakshina’- Yearly exhibition of students art works
  • Expert ‘Vidyamritam’ lecture series to address different issues of the media
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