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About the Department

The department, established in 1994 has enough academic and support staff, committed to research and teaching, and well-equipped laboratories and library, meeting the requirements of undergraduates, postgraduates and research students. Graduates and postgraduates of Electrical and Electronics Engineering will be able to explore challenging career options in a wide range of industries and engage themselves in research and development. The department has Power electronics, Electric Machines and Control Systems, Electrical Measurements and Embedded Systems Laboratories in addition to Electrical Workshop. Each laboratory is equipped with instruments and equipment for teaching, learning and research. Under the MoU signed with Uppsala University, Sweden, a faculty member is doing research leading to Ph.D. degree under twinning programme. In addition, faculty members and students are undergoing research in various European Universities under EURECA Programme.

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Empower students with knowledge in electrical, electronics and allied engineering facilitated in innovative class rooms and state-of-the art laboratories.

Inculcate technical competence and promote research through industry interactions, field exposures and global collaborations.

Promote professional ethics and selfless service.

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Mould generations of electrical and electronics engineers on global standards with multi disciplinary perspective to meet evolving societal needs.

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