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About the Department

The Department of Physics, Amrita School of Arts and Sciences, Amritapuri, has been maintaining a very good track record since its inception in 2006. The department has so far trained several highly successful students producing a high breed of good physicists with high calibre. The Department of Physics at Amritapuri boasts of highly qualified, motivated and experienced faculty members with a variety of specialization viz. theoretical and experimental condensed matter physics, astrophysics, cosmology, Solar physics, Thin films, Quantum physics, Nonlinear dynamics, Atmospheric physics, Optics, Plasma physics, geophysics and other such frontiers of research oriented physics. At present, we have 18 faculty members including two full-fledged international faculty. The ambience is exceptionally conducive to students, owing to the remarkable teacher-student ratio. Faculty advisors and councilors are assigned for every 20 students with an aim to cater to needs of every student and provide individual personal attention.

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The Department boasts a highly qualified faculty, with 14 out of 18 members holding PhDs from renowned institutions/universities worldwide. The research output of the department is augmented by a team of 9 dedicated PhD Research scholars and 2 research associates. Their collective efforts have resulted in numerous national and international research publications and other noteworthy achievements. Since its inception in 2006, the department has produced 5 PhDs and continues to train promising physicists with exceptional abilities.

Additional amenities like Virtual Lab and Demolabs enable the students to have hands-on experience that mould their ability to be creative and cultivate analytic thinking. The Department boasts of a good collection of books and well-equipped Labs for both undergraduate and postgraduate level. The courses have been designed to impart up to date knowledge in various fields of physics providing flexible elective options, catering to the taste and providing optimal benefits to the students. The aim of the course is to nurture high class future generation of physicists who would end up as academicians, scientists, researchers, teachers and industrialists.

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Our alumni have pursued Ph.D. degrees at prestigious national and international universities and research institutes (TIFR, IISc, BARC, RRI, IIA, PRL, IISER, IIST, IITs, PRL etc.), reflecting the quality of education at Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham. Our postgraduate students have a strong track record of securing final semester projects at renowned institutes, earning recognition for the institution. Collaborations with foreign universities enable students to undertake their final semester projects abroad. We also offer elective courses in Physics and Science to engineering students, while additional facilities like Virtual Lab and Demolab enhance analytical skills and critical thinking abilities.

The Department boasts a well-equipped laboratory for undergraduate and postgraduate students. Its library offers over 200 titles and abundant e-learning resources. Regular seminars and workshops by external experts expose students to advancing areas of science. Students are encouraged to pursue postgraduate projects in major research institutions for early exposure to cutting-edge research. The Department emphasizes research activities and has national and international research publications. Eminent scientists and academicians from India and abroad deliver lectures and seminars to foster talent and keep students updated on new trends in science.

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The Department possess a well equipped Lab of undergraduate and postgraduate level.

The Department library consists of books of more than 200 titles and the Department is also rich in e-learning resources.

By regularly organizing seminars and workshops by external experts, the Department encourages students to get in touch with the progressing areas and new trends in science.

The Department also encourage students to do their projects related to post graduation in major research institutions across India so that they could get an early exposure to burning research topics.

The department stress and encourage research activities and has several national and international research publications Lectures, seminars and workshops by eminent scientists, and academicians from India and abroad are arranged periodically to enable the student to nurture the hidden talent in the students and keep in touch with new trends in science.

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