Amrita Bios of Amrita Center for Cybersecurity Systems and Networks, Amritapuri Campus is organizing the 10th edition of a national level cybersecurity talent hunt called Amrita InCTF which has been designed for working professionals and college students alike. Amrita Bios is also organizing Amrita InCTF Junior (4th edition) for high school students. Registration starts on August 2019 and closes on Thursday, 31 October 2019. Interested participants can register via the website . A CTF is a competition designed to challenge the participants to solve cyber security related problems. It is played by students, cyber security enthusiasts and professionals alike.

Amrita InCTF’s innovative learn-hack-win contests are in partnership with government organizations such as NCIIPC and NTRO, and private organizations such as Cisco, Amazon, and VMWare. The contest aims to expose and nurture talent in the area of cybersecurity. 

This year Amrita InCTF is hosting: Beginners CTF, Professional CTF, Womens CTF, and Hardware CTF. Amrita InCTF also provides participants with the rare opportunity to be interviewed by the prestigious partners of the event for internship and job placements. So far over 15,000 students from 22 states and 2 Union Territories have participated in Amrita InCTF. In the past few editions, 24 full time offers and 43 internships have been offered to the participants of Amrita InCTF.

Participants do not require prior knowledge of cybersecurity in order to participate in the contests. As an online competition, InCTF allows participants to participate remotely. The first phase of the contest is an educational round of videos, high quality written resources, and mock contests designed and structured to help participants learn the skills needed to succeed in the field of cybersecurity. The second phase of Amrita InCTF will be a competitive elimination round, pushing students to greater heights as only the most motivated will move forward.

At the end of the competition, the top 300+ finalists will be invited to a four-day cybersecurity training with expert talks, followed by a final competitive round. The final round will commence on December 2019 with prizes worth Rs 5.5 lakh to be won by participants.

Amrita InCTF Junior aims to encourage high school students across India to learn and become exposed to cybersecurity skills and career opportunities. The top 50 students will be invited for a fully sponsored five-day cybersecurity training followed by the final round of Amrita InCTF Junior in December 2019. Prizes for the finalists will be worth Rs 1 lakh. High school students from all over the country can register and take part online via the website .

Amrita Bios, is a student run CTF team which is the No. 1 CTF team in India who actively take part in the international CTFs throughout the year, besides carrying out research on security issues in the real world. Amrita bi0s has been organizing workshops and educating the masses about the need for cybersecurity. The team has also won national and international CTFs. Amrita bi0s organizes India's largest Ethical Hacking competition called Amrita InCTF and Amrita InCTF Junior. The team is the No.1 CTF team in India for 4 consecutive years and has been climbing the world CTF ladder reaching to No. 19 worldwide on 2019. 

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2019-08-22 09:00 to 2019-10-31 16:00
Cyber Security