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In view of the pandemic, we are holding the annual event AAPUD as an online academic bonanza.

All the topics will cover important aspects from a dermatologic point of view followed by the pathologic pearls and pitfalls. We will be having slide seminars, digitized slides and panel discussions.

  • To be perfunct or to perfect it-Skinbiopsy-How to and how not to?
  • The kaleidoscopic spectrum-An overview of stains and i
  • Histologic and Diagnostic Clues in Dermatopathology-An Approach to Dermatopathology reporting.
  • Pediatric Dermatology- Do we need to think differently?
  • For a Nail Biting Finish-Get ready to chew on your nail pathology.
  • “Oh! Those not so vulgar plaques”-Psoriasiform dermatitis-Emerging hori
  • Lichenoid and interface dermatitis-A walk along the crosstalk.
  • Vesiculobullous diseases-Ignorance is “bliss”ter- Beyond LM and
  • Better ”delayed” than never-A “hypersensitisation” to granulomatous diseases of skin.
  • Vasculitis – A purpuric perspective-Whats new?
  • Its not always so “Sweet”- A current review of Neutrophlic dermatosis.
  • A hair affair-Alopecia demysti
  • Skin in Autoimmune Connective tissue disease-Self or nonself-The barrier gets recognised.
  • Don’t ever trust those cute moles-An Update on Melanocytic lesions with emphasis on biomarkers and staging.
  • Don’t ignore them ”appendages”-An Approach to Skin Adnexal Neoplasms.
  • To just react or go beserk- An Algorithmic approach to Cutaneous Lymphomas (Par1) and Pseudolymphomas (Part2).
  • Customised cure or Cosmetic care-Skin reactions in immunotherapy for cancer.

The CME is open to all students and practitioners of Pathology and Dermatology.


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