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Gender Issues in Computer Science Research, Education, and Society


Letizia Jaccheri is Professor at the Department of Computer Science of the Norwegian University of Science and Technology. Her research is on software engineering at the intersection with gender, children, health. She has been general chair of IFIP and ACM conferences. She has participated to several Horizon 2020 projects. She is action chair of COST Action 19122 European Network For Gender Balance in Informatics EUGAIN
Letizia Jaccheri is passionate about dissemination of computer science and research to the general public and to contribute to recruit female students to computer science and research.


This lecture addresses gender issues in Computer science from Research, Education, Society perspectives. Jaccheri will start from UN Goal 5, Achieve gender equality and empower all women and girls to contextualize the topic in an open and meaningful context. She presents research issues, some from her own projects, others from examples of biased technology, like smartphone voice assistants and data sets for job recruiting based on male population.
Then, she presents statistics about female presence in education, research and industry. Further, the presentation goes in depth and presents specific projects for increasing gender balance among students and among professors. The presentation concludes with a list of International projects and resources

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