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Chitra is a strong advocate for participatory inclusion and the power of neurodiversity. She considers herself an Ally of the Autistic Community and is extremely passionate about communication inclusion. She firmly believes in the power of lived experiences and the need to include autistic individuals in all aspects of life including but not limited to those concerning them. She strives to follow the tenet – “Nothing about us, without us!” in every sphere of her life, professional and personal. 

Chitra completed her MA in Special Ed and Inclusion from the University of Northampton, UK and her work involves training special educators and empowering parents. Being trained in the philosophy of Social Role Valorization greatly influences her work; she occasionally contributes as an Associate Faculty for Keystone Institute India. She is also trained in the practice of Narrative Therapy which she uses in her work to support parents of children with autism. 

Allinclusive Foundation is an organization that Chitra Co-Founded. The organization based in Bangalore works to change environments to make inclusion a reality. The role she considers most precious and the one that constantly inspires her though, is that of being a parent to her 19-year-old autistic son. 

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