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Dhanya Ravi

Dhanya Ravi India’s glass woman is born with a rare genetic disease called Osteogenesis Imperfecta (OI). She is known as India’s glass woman. Dhanya is a recipient of State and National awards. She is a two time TEDx and JoshTalk speaker.

Dhanya works as an executive for EnAble India. She has been part of many webinars for college students and cooperates, and has spoken on topics like inclusivity, mental health, social responsibility etc. Dhanya has addressed more than 7000+ people globally and has been contributing to the disability sector for more than a decade. She has inspired many differently abled people to improve their lives and career. Currently, she is active in mobilization and sensitization for OI,rare diseases and disability community individually and in collaboration with different non-profit organizations (NGOs) in India and USA. She advocates for a more inclusive society and strives to raise awareness about rare genetic conditions. Dhanya is also one of the founder trustees of an in-house NGO Aasmaan Foundation Trust (2020 – present) and volunteers audio reading for persons with visual impairments.

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