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Leela Raj

Ms. Leela Raj is the Project Leader for multiple change initiatives within Keystone Institute India. Leela has a passion for education and change agentry, and is committed to collaborative work building capacity and awareness. She first connected with the ideas of Social Role Valorization during her Masters work in Rehabilitation Sciences at the University of Kentucky, and has been working closely with us since her return to her home city of Mumbai. Her portfolio at KII includes developing high quality curricula for the development and formation of direct service workers as a developing role in India. Leela will also design curricula rooted in inclusive practice and Social Role Valorization for professional coursework in disciplines like Psychology, Special Education, and Social Work. In addition, Leela heads up our supported employment initiative in 2020. Leela brings a great deal of experience and commitment with her, as a mentor, counselor, advocate, and activist working alongside young adults with developmental disability and their families.

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