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The celebrations commenced with outdoor games on September 30th. The enthusiasm of students, teachers and non-teaching staff made outdoor games like Vadamvali, Chakilottam, Uriyadi and pillow fight interesting and memorable. The main attraction of ‘Sarkaravaratti Naalukal’ was revealed by 3 pm when the extraordinary artists from Bhadra Mudiyettu Sangham began performing Kalamezhuthum Paatum at the Bhajan hall. Later, the celebration extravaganza reached its height when the Mudiyettu team conquered the Amriteswari Hall for nearly 4 1/2 hours. The mesmerizing performance by the whole team, demonstrating the story of Dharika Vadam, in its traditional way, and also incorporating the modern elements, turned out to be an unforgettable experience and was a true feast to the senses.

Additionally, the preparations for the Pookalam competition went on throughout the night with the student community getting together and drawing a pattern for Pookalam and also removing the petals from the kilos of colorful flowers all to be used the next day. The Pookalam competition was from 6 am to 9 am. On the day, young ladies looking gorgeous in their traditional sarees and young men looking handsome in their colorful dhoties, participated in “Varavelppu”- a small procession with Maveli. Perhaps the highlight of the day was Melam by the students which accompanied the Maveli the whole way.

The function on the second day began by an Onam message by Maveli (a fresher) and lighting the lamp by our vice-principal, Dr. R. N. Tripathy. The day witnessed many programs and the most exciting was definitely the Thiruvathira kali by the students and the faculty members. Apart from that, there was Onapaatu from different UG and PG students batches, a few thrilling games like sundari neeyim sundaran njanum. Out of which vellamkudi matsaram stood out on account of incredible participation from students. The most awaited event of ‘Sarkaravaratti Naalukal’ was “Manam pole Mangalyam”, the innovative effort to bring out the best Dr. couples on the campus. The huge support and participation by the teachers were commendable in all ways. The performance by the RUBBER BAND of Amrita School of Ayurveda also turned out to be thoroughly entertaining. The marvelous dance by the house surgeons and students as well added colour to the charm of ‘Sarkaravaratti Naalukal’. The on-stage programs ended with musical chair competition. At dusk, the young ladies were all set to perform Thiruvathira kali in the serene ambience of chirathu and kuruthola. The 2-day celebrations came to its end with a delicious serving of Kappa.

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