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The primary objective of this session was to share the knowledge with the participants and to make them equipped to write a research paper. The seminar aimed to help the participants to develop research skills and to improve the effectiveness of their independent research work.

The following topics covered in the workshop:

  • How to identify research topics:
    Relevance of researcher’s interest and attitude towards the subject area, importance of literature review and finding the research gap and importance of discussing the topic with experts and mentors were discussed.
  • Where to find information
    Sources of information like from books, journals, magazines and online sources, and where to find this information were discussed.
  • Research statement :
    Importance of research statement and about the contents like what can be expected from the paper and researchers claim in the paper were discussed.
  • Research paper outline
    The structure (title, abstract, introduction, manuscript, reference and tables) and content of research paper was discussed.
  • Organizing research outline
    Analysis of the research data, checking of plagiarism and methods to organize notes were discussed.
  • Drafting your paper and Finalising research paper
    Discussed the checklist while drafting the document. Importance of references were also discussed.
  • How to publish research paper.
    Insight into how and where a research can be published were given under this topic.

Overall the session went well. Basic concepts were discussed in detail with relatable examples. Confusions regarding any topics were cleared. Members who entered the session with doubts went out with clear answers to their questions. There were active participation among the members.

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