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It was a virtual event conducted through Microsoft teams. There were about 75 students from all the branches who witnessed the event. The main motto of the event was to give useful information about technology and the future of the world. The event included a combination of tech events and interesting fun events. The event started with a technical presentation by Ms. Saahithya and Ms. Akanksha on the topic “Electronic Pills” which was quite informative. Followed by the technical presentation, a fun event named “First Thought” was conducted by Ms. Lahari in which she showed pictures of cartoons and the audience need to guess it and audience thoroughly enjoyed it. Next, the tech presentation titled “Television Screen” was delivered by Mr. Dinesh and Ms. Sathvika. They both shared related technical information. Continuing the event, Ms. Navya and Ms. Lasya hosted the game titled “Guess the one”, where everyone was supposed to guess the blurred picture and both the coordinators dropped few clues in between. A technical presentation named “Transportation” condcuted by Ms. Priya and Mr. Adithyan, was engrossing and illuminating followed by very attracting fun event named “Crossword” by Mr. Pratheek. The Secretary, Mr. Nishal Keerthan and the co-secretaries, Ms. Cherishma and Mr. Sumukh conveyed their gratitude for everyone for making it a bright one. Around 74 participants were observed during the event.

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