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Amrita School of Business, Coimbatore (ASBC), students spent time in rural communities as part of their Live-in-Labs® course curricula. The students spent time in Kalinagar, an Amrita SeRVe village in West Bengal.

The Live In Labs Course was implemented by visiting Kalinagar village in West Bengal. Haroa is nearest town to Kalinagar village. The Population of the village is 1330 with 265 families. The primary occupation of men in the village is agriculture with Rice, Paddy being the most predominant crops.

The women in the village practice kitchen gardening for sustenance. Most women are literates and are inclined to find new opportunities to enhance their livelihood, receptive to change and are predisposed to work hard and ameliorate their livelihood. Majority of women are house wives and are skilled in making handicrafts, trinkets, mats and sculptures. They are very diligent, amicable, generous and accommodating. The hospitality of the villagers was highly commendable.

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