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The Robotics Club of the department of Mechanical Engineering, Amrita School of Engineering, Amritapuri organized a workshop on Embedded Systems and VLSI Design in Robotics on January 29, 2010.

The workshop was a combination of lecture and hands on practice that provided an overview of robots based on embedded systems. Engineers, enthusiasts, industrialists, Researchers and students were provided with a foundation for communication with other Robotic Experts. The e‐bot is mainly wheeled one which is driven by stepper motors. A microcontroller of PIC variety is used for programming and controlling the e‐bot operation. The IR transmitter and a sensor are provided in order to detect the obstacle on the movement of the e‐bot path. Based on the signal sensing the e‐bot will move in the path where there is no obstacle.

The e‐BOT Workshop covered contents such as

  1. Introduction to Embedded Robots
  2. PIC based programmable microcontroller kit with a LCD display
  3. Infra Red Sensor kit with a transmitter and a receiving sensor
  4. Stepper Motor driver kit
  5. Specially designed mechanical base plate and construction setup
  6. Assembling and calibrating the Embedded robot
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