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Dr. Gayathri S Melnad

Faculty Associate, Amrita Darshanam – International Center for Spiritual Studies, Amaravati

Qualification: BNYS, Ph.D
Research Interest: Education System, Home Schooling, Indian Knowledge System, Mental Health & Counselling, Yogic Science


Dr. Gayathri S Melnad currently serves as a Faculty Associate in Amrita Darshanam (International Centre for Spiritual Studies) in Amaravati campus. Her roles encompasses practical Yoga sessions, cultural event management, and providing Yogic Counseling to students in distress. Additionally, she offers health consultations to both students and faculty, fostering a nurturing environment for holistic growth and well-being.

She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Naturopathy and Yogic Sciences from SVYASA University Bengaluru, conferred in 2015, and has embarked on a journey dedicated to holistic wellness and spiritual enrichment. For two years, she served as an Assistant Professor at TSYNM – The School of Yoga and Naturopathic Medicine, SVYASA, where she was focused on skill development and nurturing young minds in the realm of yoga and naturopathy.

In 2017, she embraced an overseas opportunity at the Indian Culture Centre in Doha, Qatar, where she contributed as a Yoga Trainer and Health Counsellor, spreading the essence of traditional Indian wellness practices to a global audience.

Transitioning into freelance practice from 2019 to 2023, both online and offline, she delved into the art of personalized wellness, specializing in Fasting Therapy. Her expertise found resonance during the sacred Navaratri festival, where she has conducted an intensive 15-day online fasting classes, blending healing and spiritual rejuvenation seamlessly.

In addition, she has undergone NLP training (Neurolinguistic Programming, 2021-2022), a transformative program that equips individuals with proven tools and techniques.


BNYS – Bachelors in Naturopathy and Yogic Sciences

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