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Selina Marianna Shah

Research Associate & PhD Scholar , Amrita Center for Research in Analytics, Technologies & Education (AmritaCREATE), Amritapuri

Qualification: MA
Research Interest: Autism, computing education, pedagogy, inclusion and learning difficulties


Before becoming a teacher over 20 years ago Sel worked in Computing and IT for over 20 years, in system development and support, project management, research for persons with visual impairment and who are deaf-blind and later in knowledge management. As a teacher, she worked in state, independent, and special schools teaching children from both primary and secondary education. Working in a school specialising in autism, she completed a Master’s degree with a thesis investigating whether autistic children were pre-disposed to learn coding. Until May 2022, when she moved to India, Sel worked for the National Centre for Computing Education (NCCE) in the UK training teachers.

As part of the responsibilities at the NCCE she developed and co-authored courses and resources for teachers supporting computer science education for autistic students. Sel is currently a Research Associate at Amrita CREATE at Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham University, undertaking a PhD in Sustainable Development with a focus on the United Nations Development Goal 4: Education, inclusion and Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). The PhD study focuses on involving teachers in screening and supporting autistic children in rural communities, extending to include research on pedagogy for autistic students.


  • Currently undertaking PhD in Sustainable Development (Education, inclusion & autism)
  • Masters Computing in Education (King’s College London)
  • PGCSE Teaching (King’s College London)
  • Diploma in Management Studies (Southbank University, London)
Conferences Attended
  • Micro:bit Live 2021, UK: “Micro:bits as an enabler to inspire young people to engage with coding and computer science, with a focus on girls and students with ASD”
  • ICSD 2022, USA: “Involving Teachers in Screening and Supporting Autistic Children in Rural India”
  • ASFAR 2022, Australia: “Refining Pedagogies for Teaching and Learning of Computing for Autistic Students”
  • MWCR 2022, India: “Disaster Management for Autistic Children and Adults and their Families and Carers”
  • Autism Innovational Workshop at KLU 2023, India: “Autism – Moving Towards a Global Perspective”
  • Headteacher Leadership Workshop, Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham 2023: panel “A Pathway to Inclusion for Autistic Children”
  • ACM CompEd 2023, Hyderabad: panel “Meeting the Needs of All Learners through High Quality K-12 Computing Education Research”
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