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Live-in-Labs Course Curriculum

Established in 2013, Amrita Live-in-Labs® is a multidisciplinary experiential learning program that is inspired by UN SDGs. The program facilitates the research, development, and deployment of sustainable solutions for current challenges faced by rural communities in India. The program allows participants to study, observe, and interact with rural populations while living in rural communities to gain a better understanding of challenges in the areas of Agriculture & Risk Management, Education & Gender Equality, Energy & Environment, Livelihood & Skill Development, Water & Sanitation, Health & Hygiene, and Waste Management & Infrastructure.

After students complete their time in the field, they will submit a report about the village, the challenge they addressed, and the subsequent solution that was applied. Students will also make an oral presentation to Amrita faculty about their work and their overall experience in the village.

Course Curriculum
  1. For the Faculty of Engineering
    Live-in-Labs® I Course Curriculum
    Live-in-Labs® II Course Curriculum
  2. For the Faculty of Management
    Live-in-Labs® Course Curriculum
  3. For the Faculty of Science
    Live-in-Labs® Course Curriculum
  4. For the Faculty of Arts and Science
    Live-in-Labs® Course Curriculum
  5. For the Faculty of Medicine
    Live-in-Labs® Course Curriculum
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