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16 Amrita Students Win Google Summer of Code 2016 & Outreachy’12 Internships

May 9, 2016 - 3:31
16 Amrita Students Win Google Summer of Code 2016 & Outreachy’12 Internships

Sixteen students of Amrita School of Engineering were selected to Google Summer of Code’s and Outreachy project internships. Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham nationally stands 3rd in the number of Google Summer of Code selects among other universities. Amrita is the youngest institution to reach the top three positions in the list. IIIT Hyderabad and BITS stood ahead of Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham.

Each selected student will receive a stipend of US $5500 (3.67 Lakh INR) from Google Inc. and a two month internship in popular Open Source projects. In all, Amrita students will receive a total amount of US $88,000 (58.73 Lakh INR). The students selected for the internships are from Amritapuri (11 students), Coimbatore (4 students) and Bengaluru (one student) respectively.

The following B.Tech. Computer Science students, belonging to the FOSS Club of Amritapuri campus, were selected for GSoC,

  • Abhinand Nandakumar and Srijan Agarwal (First year B.Tech. students),
  • Devi Radhakrishanan and Sudarshan N (Second year B.Tech. students),
  • Joyce George and Tummala Dhanvi (Thrid year B.Tech. students),
  • Amrutha Sangeeth, Anirudh Anand, Anu Vazhayil, Harish Navnit and Priya Venkitaramani (Fourth year B.Tech. students).

Among the selected students, two GSoC winners are first year undergraduate students, a rare achievement, offering much promise in the coming years. 

Tony Thomas, fourth year B.Tech. Computer Science student of Amritapuri campus, has been selected as organizational administrator for Wikimedia, probably the first Undergraduate student to be designated one. Also, Seshagiri Prabhu, Research Staff at the Amrita Center for Cyber Security – ACCS, has been selected as a technical mentor for OWASP project.

The following B.Tech. Computer Science students were selected for GSoC from Coimbatore campus,

  • Niranjan Rajendran (Fourth year B.Tech. Aerospace Engineering student)
  • Ananya Bahadur (Thrid year B.Tech. Computer Science & Engineering student)
  • Sachin S. Kamath (Second year B.Tech. Computer Science & Engineering student)
  • Varun Shankar ( Fourth year B.Tech. Computer Science & Engineering student)

Rohit Mohan, Second year B.Tech. Computer Science student, is selected for GSoC from Bengaluru campus.

Google Summer of Code (GSoC) is an initiative by Google Inc. to promote and encourage student participation in open source development. Students get to participate in a three month development program with experienced programmers around the world, collaborating using version control systems, mailing lists and ticket trackers. The participants in the GSoC program are students and mentors. Mentors typically represent an organization, an open source project that has been selected for GSoC. Each organization puts forward an ideas list, a list of prioritized work that they would like to see completed in their project.

Outreachy helps people from groups underrepresented in free and open source software get involved. Outreachy internships are open internationally to women (cis and trans), trans men, and genderqueer people. Interested students pick an idea and write a proposal for an idea that they like and submit it to the organization. Students may submit more than one proposal and may also submit a proposal for an original idea that they had instead of picking one from the ideas list. A proposal generally has details about the prior open source/programming experience of the candidate along with information about how the student plans to proceed with the project, approximate deadlines, and any roadblocks that they might encounter. Most students choose to submit patches to the organization that they are applying for prior to submitting their application.


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