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AMMACHI Labs at Vidyut 2014

February 4, 2014 - 9:49
AMMACHI Labs at Vidyut 2014

Vidyut is a unique multifest organized every year by the students of the Amritapuri Campus. With a huge participation of 2200+ students from more than 110 colleges, the event was a grand one. 1100 students from nearby schools paid their visit to the campus during these days to see the demonstration of Smart Village and the various exhibits.  

AMMACHI Labs was a key contributor to the event with a significant presence at the event. Graduates who were trained through the Women Empowerment Project in vocations such as fabric painting and artificial jewelry making set up a mini-bazaar of their beautifully crafted wares at the exhibition.   There were demos by the SAVE team of the unique haptic devices invented by AMMACHI Labs. Members from the Ministry of Defence, the DRDO, were present at the exhibitions. They met with AMMACHI Labs Director Bhavani B. and were delighted to receive a hands on demonstration of various haptic devices and haptic games.

  The team was very busy in other areas as well. They set up a very popular and scrumptious chaat stall with various Indian delicacies that was relished by all.   All in all, Vidyut 2014 was a grand success and AMMACHI Labs played a significant role in making it so.

Feb 04, 2014

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