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Amrita Hosts Aspiration 2020

October 19, 2013 - 1:34
Amrita Hosts Aspiration 2020

Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham has accomplished another milestone by hosting the 2013 edition of Aspiration 2020, a national level online programming contest.

By setting up and allocating the programming environment, more than 83,000 students from 400 engineering/MCA colleges all over the country were able to participate from their respective localities.

Infosys was the parent sponsor of the event, which took place from 6th to 7th of October, 2013.

The objective of the contest is promoting promising young talents becoming successful computer programmers.

Besides compiling the program, Amrita also, took care of the contest administration and provided technical support during the entire event. To accomplish the task, 12 application servers, 3 database servers and 25 judging nodes were set up.

“Our own cloud based infrastructure helped us cope with the challenge. In fact, the team involved tasted success in executing our plan and rectifying the flaws,” noticed Anoop V. K., Manager, Amrita ICTS.

“The event was indeed a prequel to the ACM International Programming Contest to be held in December at our campus. As yet another positive side effect of this endeavor, the already existing collaborative ties between Infosys and Amrita were further strengthened,” shared Br. Anand Shenoy, one of the main coordinators from Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham.

The challenge of organizing such a large event was monumental. The structure of the contest consisted of three different slots, each hosting around 30,000 contestants. With the 25 computers serving as judging nodes processing the solutions submitted by the teams, the contest was run for two and a half hours per slot over two days.

The whole contest was spread across two main rounds; (1) college round and the (2) final round. Participants submitted a solution to a maximum number of problems within a limited time span. The coding was done using programming languages such as Java and C++. The state level finals were carried out at Infosys campus in Trivandrum on October 17, 2013.

Feedbacks from several participants obtained after the contest stated that the event was well organized and planned with no technical problems.

In total, 96 teams took part from Amrita fraternity; 27 teams from Amritapuri, 55 teams from Ettimadai and 14 teams from Bangalore.

Three teams from Amritapuri Campus were selected for the state level finals of Aspiration 2020. The teams named LOL (Bipin B., Jaimon T. T. and Navaneeth A. of S3 CSE), Top Coders (Vishnu Ramesh, Sibith K. S, Shanu S. and Kumar of S5 CSE), and Ckrackers (Ashwin K. and Prasanth R., of S7 CSE) represented Amrita in the state final round.

The Ckrackers became the winners in a most challenging competition between the top 29 Kerala Zone teams, and will thus participate in the upcoming ACM International Programming Contest, to be held in December this year.

As if that were not enough, two days later, on October 19, the Ckrackers also secured the 22nd rank, out of 281, in the ICPC Kanpur Regional Prelims.

“For the last couple of months we invested innumerable hours in strengthening our skills and we are still preparing for the ACM-ICPC contest. The support we are constantly receiving from the organizers and the entire Amrita family has been of tremendous help,” shared Ashwin K. and Prasanth R.

October 19, 2013
School of Engineering, Amritapuri

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