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Amrita Mysuru Campus Students Perform ‘Idithayi’ Play

October 12, 2018 - 7:00
Amrita Mysuru Campus Students Perform ‘Idithayi’ Play

October 11, 2018, was a significant day in the calendar of events of Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetam, Mysuru campus, as about 29 students from Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham, Mysuru campus, participated and enacted a drama titled ‘Idithayi’, directed by Mr. Karthik S. and scripted by Manjunath Belakere. The drama was an outcome of the drama club at Amrita Mysuru in collaboration with Rangayana to provide directing assistance to college students with an objective of promoting the skills of acting as well as upholding the art and field of theatre. The drama was enacted at Vanaranga, Kalmandir premises at Rangayana, as part of B. V. Karanth Navaratri Rangothsava during the Dasara Theatre Festival which held from October 2-18, 2018, hosted by Rangayana, Mysuru.

The central theme of the drama revolved around the line ‘Fate cannot be changed’. With their mesmerizing acting skills, makeup, lighting, background scores and apt costumes, the performers stole the hearts of theatre art lovers who witnessed the show. With an undisturbed concentration, the audience was spellbound, as the lights slowly rose and showcased the mother narrating the drama to the son and the theatre remained packed with an audience even at 9:00 pm. Strong characters of Kalki, Eera, Idi Thayi, the King, Savitri, the neighbors, Agoris, Vaidyar( Rural Medical Practioner), the Prince, etc., were showcased in a simple setting blessed with emotional melodramatic performances.

The students who performed in the play were Zubin Paul, Vishnu V. R., Ajay Kumar Hegde, Hemanth Raj, Sourav M. D., Nirmal E. R., Hemanth P. M., Rashmi, Siddharth, Sumanth, Adil, Bhakthavara, Minchu Joshi, Yukthimmana, Sahithya Shetty, Sagar R., Niveditha V., Spoorthi M. V., Roshan, Ashritha, Priya, Ashwini, Sandesh, Gunashree, Prajwal, Ganesh, Aishwarya, Bhavik, Padmini and Brunda. The audience thoroughly appreciated the Navarasa-Abinaya exhibited by the students.

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