Accolades for ACNS

The Amrita Centre for Nano Sciences (ACNS) continues to make headlines. Its research efforts were recently applauded during the International Bangalore Nano Conference organized in December.

Futsal 2012 at Amritapuri

Futsal 2012, the official football tournament of the Amritapuri campus, was inaugurated on October 16 with a friendly match between two faculty teams led by Dr. Sankaran, Principal, Amrita School of Engineering and Dr. Bipin Nair, Dean, Amrita School of Biotechnology.

Amrita Hosts Asia Regional Finals of the ACM-ICPC

For the eighth year in a row, Amrita University hosted the Asia Regional Finals of the prestigious ACM-ICPC (Inter Collegiate Programming Contest). This Olympics of programming contests attracts worldwide participation every year from undergraduate students of computer science and engineering.

Seminar by Ms. Margaret Minsky @ AMMACHI Lab

Ms. Margaret Minsky, Former member of the Media Lab at MIT, conducted a seminar at 10:30 AM on the 18th of December, 2012 in the WNA Conference Room. It was a 40 minute seminar, pertaining to haptics videos, a prelude to her father, the eminent cognitive scientist, Marvin Minsky's book. Ms.

Fabric Painting Expo

“Whenever I have some free time, after finishing my household work, I dedicate it now to fabric painting. Sometimes, when I finish with a batik piece, I notice with surprise that it is already past midnight,” shared Mrs.

Impacting Sustainable Development

“1.2 billion people worldwide live in areas that face water scarcity. 1.4 billion people have no access to electricity. Where on the one hand, food is wasted daily, 925 million people globally are also affected by hunger,” stated Dr. Arunabha Ghosh, CEO, Council on Energy, Environment and Water.