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Building Relationships Abroad and at Home

November 1, 2010 - 3:45
Building Relationships Abroad and at Home

Recently Dr. Hardik Vachhrajani embarked on a journey from Kollam, India to Bologna, Italy, traveling 7338.000 kilometers to explore a city rich in creativity, innovation and entrepreneurial talent.

Dr. Hardik

Bologna is known and studied world-wide for its network of small and medium-sized companies (SMEs), highly specialized industries and its university.

Dr. Haridk discussed the purpose of his venture in an interview with Northern Italy’s leading newspaper il Resto del Carlino.

“I am here to understand the mechanisms that drive small companies and their marketing strategies,” he explained. “This can also bring our two economies closer.”

Dr. Hardik explained that while major brands like Fiat, Diesel and Ferrari are strong in the Indian market, Italy’s small businesses are not yet established to sell in India.

Dr. Hardik“Strengthening small businesses to take advantage of the India market could have positive implications for the Indo -Italian trade,” he suggested.

When asked if India has a sufficient market for Italian manufacturers, he emphasized that currently India is the second fastest growing economy in the world.

“In the context of industries based in Bologna, packaging machinery, auto parts and engine parts have a lot of potential in India,” he elaborated.

Dr. Hardik went on to describe how he would conduct his inquiry, “I plan to study the innovation of SMEs in the whole region. … I’ll speak to company owners and entrepreneurs and analyze the way they do business. I’ll give suggestions. Marketing and business are the key words.”

Commenting on the importance of building relationships, he said, “It’s very fundamental and essential to build a solid link between education, innovation and production.”

BologaOn a more personal note, the interviewer turned in the direction of friendship, asking Dr. Hardik if he found the city friendly.

“It’s a friendly city. I like it,” he replied. “For now I have made around 15 friends, but before leaving I’m sure the number will grow.”

Thanks to Dr. Hardik, Amrita and India are sure to grow too as they benefit from his learning. Dr. Hardik availed the Erasmus Mundus fellowship to travel to Italy. After completing his study, he will return to Amrita within one year.

November 1, 2010
School of Business, Amritapuri

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