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C20 Inception Meeting – AMMACHI Labs adds voice to the G20 Dialogues

April 6, 2023 - 7:00
C20 Inception Meeting – AMMACHI Labs adds voice to the G20 Dialogues

The C20 Inception Conference in Nagpur, India, marked a historic moment as Chancellor Amma became the first spiritual leader appointed as Chair of the G20 Engagement Group for civil society. The event involved over 200 delegates and focused on policy recommendations for India’s G20 Summit.

The Gender Equality and Disability working group participated in several sessions, with Dr. Bhavani Rao, India Coordinator and Nidhi Goyal, India Co-coordinator, among others.

The 3rd Plenary Session “Role of Civil Society in Promoting Human Development” centered on civil society’s role in promoting human development by advocating for rights, social justice, providing services, and holding governments accountable. In addition to gender equality, disability was also a focal point at the conference, with a working group dedicated to exploring how civil society can promote human development while ensuring the inclusion of people with disabilities. The recommendations will be presented at the G20 Summit in New Delhi in September.

Speakers included:

  • Prof. Bhavani Rao, GED coordinator, Dean, School of Social and Behavioural Sciences, UNESCO Chair for Gender Equality
  • Nidhi Goyal, GED co-coordinator, Rising Flame and Steering Committee Member, C20 India 2023.
  • Basavraj, GRAAM.
  • Jyotsana Mohan, Asian Development Alliance, Cambodia.
  • Gabriella Wright, Co-founder, Never Alone.
  • Bala Subramaniam, GRAAM

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