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For the Amala Bharatam Campaign

February 22, 2011 - 8:30

February 26, 2011
Amritapuri Campus

Students, faculty and staff at the Amritapuri campus were recently honored for their participation in the Amala Bharatam Campaign.

The program Abhinandan saw Swami Poornamritananda Puri distribute certificates of appreciation to everybody who had participated in picking up trash, helping make Mother India a cleaner and more beautiful place.

“India is 1000 truckloads less dirty today,” stated Br. Sudeep, Director, Amritapuri campus in his presentation to the audience.


“Not only have we removed over 1000 truckloads of garbage from public places, we are also striving to keep the areas clean. Karunagappally to Haripad, Vallickavu to Vavvakkavu to Oachira, as well as the Sasthamkotta lake and town were all cleaned up.”

“Our MSW (Master of Social Work) students are currently engaged in a survey with the residents of the Alappad Panchayat. It is their wish to transform these villages into model clean villages with zero waste.”

“Lakhs and lakhs of people have taken the ABC pledge; and more and more people are being inspired to help everyday.”

SivamaniIndeed. Recently at the Tech Fest Anokha organized at the Coimbatore campus, world-renowned percussionist Sivamani endorsed the unique campaign.

“The earth is our Bhoomi Mata and it is our responsibility to look after Her,” he began, addressing the gathered students, numbering over five thousand.

“The messenger of God, AMMA is asking us to help maintain cleanliness. In Singapore, if someone throws anything on the streets, even money, they are fined. If this can be done in Singapore, why not in India?”

“Whenever I get time, I plan to whole-heartedly participate in these cleanliness drives,” he told the students.

Abhinandan“The Earth is my mother.”

“I am aware that cleanliness is Godliness. Hence, I will work, dedicatedly, for the realization of environmental cleanliness and hygiene, in thought and action, as the guiding principle of my life. This is very essential for the betterment of society.”

After the endorsement by Sivamani, Amrita students administered the Amalabharatham pledge to all assembled, many of them students of premier universities from all over India.

Thus these thousands joined the lakhs who have already pledged. With their combined efforts it may not at all be long before Swachha Bharatam, Sundara Bharatam is a reality.

Jai Hind!

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