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Future Managers Make Amrita Proud

March 1, 2011 - 7:41

March 1, 2011
School of Business, Coimbatore

Committed to improving the state of the world. Which organization uses this as its tag line?

The correct answer is the World Economic Forum. This Swiss non-profit foundation is best known by the meeting it annually hosts in Davos.

MBA studentsThis year, along with business and political leaders, many spiritual leaders were invited to also attend.

These facts were known to Natarajan, first-year MBA student of the Amrita School of Business at Coimbatore, who confidently answered this and several other questions to win the recently conducted Economic Times Quiz, Coimbatore League.

The quiz was organized at G. R. Damodar College, Coimbatore.

“Most questions asked related to Indian and international business affairs,” shared the winning student, Natarajan.

Meanwhile, in another competition, conducted in another part of the state, Natarajan’s senior, Roshan Kumar Jha, won the best manager award.

Now a second-year MBA student at Amrita, Roshan will join Futures Group (South Zone) as Management Trainee upon graduation.

At the B-Fest Kalakruthi 2011, Roshan competed in four rounds viz. quiz, block and tackle, debate and role play to emerge as the overall winner and best manager.

MBA Campus“It was interesting and challenging at the same time,” he said. “This has definitely given me more exposure.”

After making it through the quiz round, in block and tackle, Roshan, together with other contestants spoke on whether or not AICTE should permit the starting of more MBA colleges all over India.

The topic elicited interesting responses and viewpoints, as contestants spoke both in favor of and against the topic.

In the debate, Roshan emphatically decried the possible granting of independence to Kashmir.

Finally came the most challenging task of all. In the role play round, Roshan was asked to enact the convicted ex-telecom minister, Raja.

“Are you not feeling ashamed?” someone from the audience asked.

“No I am not!” Roshan bravely replied.

MBA student“What will you do with the trillions that you deposited in your Swiss bank accounts?”

“I am going to invest them in Indian markets and double the amount for the Indian people,” came the imaginative reply.

“How did you come out of jail now?”

“I got anticipatory bail to attend this function.”

This last answer saw the judges and other participants break out into wide smiles.

We congratulate both winners.

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