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Honors for Amrita at Kerala State Dental Conference

January 23, 2013 - 3:49
Honors for Amrita at Kerala State Dental Conference

The postgraduate students and interns of the Amrita School of Dentistry won several awards at the recently concluded 45th Kerala State Dental Conference 2013. The conference was hosted by the Indian Dental Association during January 11 – 13, 2013 in Thrissur. Over 2500 delegates drawn from the dental fraternity of the state attended the conference.

Presenting in the postgraduate scientific paper series, Dr. Anuradha P. of the Department of Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopedics and Dr. Anna Serene Babu, of the Department of Prosthodontics, both at the Amrita School of Dentistry won the first and second prizes.

Dr. Anuradha’s paper was titled Clinical Applications of Digital Volume Tomography.

“High-resolution digital volumetric tomography (DVT) has been designed for dental applications like localization of impactions, cysts of the jaws, root canal configurations, implant planning, periodontal bone defects, measurement of bone support in cleft cases, etc. The advantages include increased accuracy, higher resolution, scan-time reduction, dose reduction and lower cost,” explained Dr. Anuradha.

Dr. Anna Serene Babu’s paper titled Occlusion in Implant Dentistry – Current Concepts, presented a literature review of occlusal guidelines currently followed in implant prosthesis procedures to attain long-term stability.

“In dentistry, occlusion means how your teeth come together. By following occlusal guidelines, the clinician is able to minimize overload to the implant bone interface, thus reducing the failure rates of implants,” elaborated Dr. Anna.

First and second prizes in the undergraduate poster presentation series were again claimed by Amrita. This time intern teams of Dr. Aditya Nalluri / Dr. Manisha Sunil and Dr. Devika R. Krishnan / Dr. Saumya Singh, scored.

Dr. Aditya Nalluri and Dr. Manisha Sunil won the first prize for their poster titled Tooth Eye – See the World Through Your Teeth. The poster showcased the prosthesis placed in the eye of blind patients, which consisted of a section of the patients’ own tooth and surrounding bone, which helped in restoring vision to some extent.

Dr. Devika R. Krishnan and Dr. Saumya Singh won the second prize for their poster titled Needle Sticks – Strike With No Warning.

Dental healthcare professionals are at risk of infections caused by various microorganisms such as hepatitis B and C viruses and human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) transmitted through needles and syringes.

“Injuries maybe caused during injection of local anaesthesia, or during recapping and disposal of or disposal of needles and syringes. Our poster presented a review of this biohazard; risk factors, prevention and post-exposure management of needle stick injuries,” stated Drs. Devika and Saumya.

We congratulate all the winners.

January 23, 2013
School of Dentistry, Kochi

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