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JP Morgan & Chase, Call for Good Hackathon 2022

July 4, 2022 - 11:56
JP Morgan & Chase, Call for Good Hackathon 2022

Mr. Mukesh K. of Third Year B.Tech CSE(Artificial Intelligence) has emerged as the winner in the Call for Good Hackathon organized by JP Morgan & Chase (May -July 2022). There were 2 rounds to get selected for JP Morgan & Chase, Call for Good Hackathon. First-round involves a technical coding test. The second round is a video interview. The selected candidates were invited to the hackathon which consists of a total of 114 teams this year from India. Six problem statements were provided by the NGOs. Mr. MUKESH and Team chose the problem statement provided by the NGO “Saday Sadev”. The problem statement is looking for a mental healthcare service provider through the mental health initiative ‘it’s Okay Not To Be Okay” which connects the clients with the mental health professionals forming a one-stop solution for all mental health problems. Mr. Mukesh and his team came up with a website that was responsive and interactive where the underprivileged people could connect with a mental health professional, book a video appointment, see their appointments on the calendar, listen to handpicked podcasts and playlists and buy mental health care products with support for over 12+ regional languages. Code for Good event leads to technology internships or full-time positions within the firm during 2023 March.

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