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Jury’s Special Award for Amrita Film

May 26, 2012 - 6:56

Amma’s Amala Bharatam Campaign continues to inspire many. In this case, four students of the Amrita School of Communication, were honoured for their 3-minute short film, Indifference, at the 9th Edition of the International Film Festival, We Care, where they won the Jury’s Special Award.

The film evocatively portrayed the efforts of a disabled young man, who wanted to clean his surroundings, even as someone else carelessly littered them. When he failed to retrieve some trash lying on the ground, from the confines of his wheelchair, he returned the next day, with a cane. His heroic efforts to clean inspired another young man to join in, and the beauty of the place was soon restored.

The film was earlier showcased at the film fest organized by Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham in collaboration with Brotherhood, a socio-cultural organization working for the differently-abled.

This film fest was supported by the United Nations Information Centre for India and Bhutan (UNIC), the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO), the National Trust and the Asian Academy of Film and Television (AAFT).

Harsha V. H., Madhu Karan Pillai, Moulini Kottur and Rajlakshmi Kanjilal, all first-year students of MA (Mass Communication) came together to make the winning film.

“This project gave us a good platform to showcase our talent in directing, scripting and editing,” the students remarked.

The shooting for the film was completed in one day. It took one fortnight to finish the editing. The cameras and all editing equipment were made available by the department, all the shots were taken on campus. The short movie had less than 10 scenes!

Harsha V. H. was responsible for the scripting and direction and Moulini Kottur for the editing.

Madhu Karan Pillai played the part of the differently abled young man. “Our team’s hard work paid off. I am really proud of the team. Our thanks to our faculty members and our classmates for their constant encouragement and support,” he remarked.

Rajlakshmi Kanjilal, who also acted in the film said, “We focused on giving our best within a limited period of time. Our film had a simple concept but a profound message.”

The team used seven different background music scores to make the scenes appealing.

“We did our best within our limited time and resources to make the shots look convincing. We tried to use camera angles in a such way that a differently abled person feels very proud after watching the scenes,” team members remarked.

Earlier, a short film made by other ASCOM students, also with a powerful social message and titled The Good, The Bad & The Ugly, was selected for the Jury’s Special Mention at Face Video Awards in Calicut.

We congratulate our media students for choosing to focus on socially relevant messages when making their films!


Students’ Film Bags Jury Special Award

May 26, 2012
School of Communication, Coimbatore

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