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Clay can be moulded into any desired shape before it is placed in a kiln. But once it is fired, the shape cannot be changed. Thus we should teach our children noble values before their minds are firmly set by exposure to the heat of worldliness. Unfortunately, the circumstances that allow us to form our children’s characters are becoming increasingly limited.

– Chancellor Amma


Determined to impart noble values to the young, first-year engineering students of Amritapuri campus visited several area schools during November 18-28, as part of their Serve-An-Hour initiative.
ultra soundAs part of this initiative, students undertake different service activities during their free time on the week days, guided by their teachers who volunteer in this non-academic endeavor.

Visiting BJSM Government School, Vavvakkavu and Amrita Vidyalayams in Puthiyakavu, Haripad and Kollam, the students conducted awareness sessions on Amma’s Amala Bharatam Campaign as well as other eco-friendly initiatives such as organic gardening and recycling.

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Working with students of Standards VI-XII, the college students reinforced their messages through creatively designed presentations and skits. Through group discussions, debates, quizzes and games, they elicited enthusiastic participation from the youngsters.
Teaching students how to make bags from discarded paper, they helped inculcate a positive attitude towards recycling. The Amrita Sanjeevani display of creative masterpieces, wall hangings, pen stands and candle stands, all made from waste, greatly inspired the participating students.

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The college students also spoke up against alcoholism and smoking, and cautioned youngsters against the misuse of technology.

“The experience was amazing. We were share our experiences with the school children, and tell them what they could do to protect the environment,” shared a B.Tech. student of Electrical and Electronics Engineering, who participated.

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Added another B.Tech. student of Electronics and Communication Engineering, “After this, I realized that we can do something for our society. The school students were so cooperative.”

The teachers who guided were very enthusiastic about the effort. “Spreading awareness and helping people change is a great service; moreover, it is the need of the hour. Whatever our students learned in our campus, they went out and shared with the school children. They did their best. They were rewarded with awesome feedback from the schools.”

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Amma says, “If you walk ten times through a grass-covered area, a clear path will form. But regardless of how many times you walk over a rock, no path will be created. Similarly, when you impart noble values to a young mind, those values will quickly make a deep impression. When the child grows up, those values will guide him or her.”
Amrita is making sure that lasting values guide the next generation.
December 28, 2011
Amritapuri Campus

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