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Naturopathy and Yoga Camp Conducted

May 3, 2011 - 8:16

May 18, 2011
School of Medicine, Kochi

A seven-day camp on naturopathy and yoga was conducted at Amrita’s Health Sciences campus in Kochi during May 3-9. Sponsored by the National Institute of Naturopathy of the Department of AYUSH, Government of India, as a part of their silver jubilee celebrations, the camp brought an awareness of traditional treatment methods among participants.


For seven days, the camp offered free services to the out-patients who came to consult at the Amrita Institute of Medical Sciences. Many patients with respiratory disorders, general body aches, back pain, sleep disorders, anxiety and stress related disorders and impaired digestion availed services of the camp.

“This camp specially focused on therapy and yoga,” said Dr. Namitha M.A., Consultant for Naturopathy and Yoga at Amrita. “If practiced on a daily basis, yoga can bring a person to a well-balanced state and improve the quality of life.”

Participants attended morning and evening yoga sessions during which they were taught different stretching exercises. Yogic postures taught included padahastasana, ardhachakrasana, ardhakatichakrasana, bhujangasana, vajrasana, marjariasana and shashankasana.


Participants learned breathing practices and pranayama for better cognitive power and emotional awareness. Synchronizing breathing practices with body movements improves circulation, flexibility and energy levels.

Various treatment sessions were offered based on mud therapy, water therapy, acupuncture and reflexology, aroma therapy and massage therapy.

Patients also attended classes on diet, where doctors explained its importance. “Every person has a different nature,” the doctors said. “Understand that nature and modify your diet according to it because diet affects our mind and body to a great extent.”


The camp’s activities were also focused on educational aspects. “Other than providing therapy sessions for the relief of the symptoms, patients were taught techniques to maintain their health status,” stated Dr. Jyothi K.V.

Many participants expressed gratitude to the organizers for providing an opportunity through the camp to personally experience the benefits of these timeless therapeutic techniques.

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