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Role Models at the Health Sciences Campus

December 9, 2010 - 10:36

December 14, 2010
School of Medicine, Kochi

The Health Sciences campus, with a large number of female students enrolled in the Schools of Dentistry, Medicine, Nursing and Pharmacy have no dearth of role models to look up to. Just this last week, two of their faculty members, Dr. Deepti Sharma and Dr. Jyothi Srikanth, were feted for extraordinary accomplishments.

Dr. Jyothi SrikanthDr. Deepti Sharma successfully led a team to perform a 3-hour surgery that removed non-cancerous tumours from the uterus of a 44-year old woman. What was unusual about the operation was the extent of damage the uterus had suffered.

“Tumors of such huge size and numbers are rarely found,” informed the doctor.

In all, the team removed a total of 22 myomas of various sizes; myomas are fibroids or outgrowths in medical speak. The largest among these weighed 4 kg.

The myomas had caused the patient’s uterus to enlarge; this enlarged uterus filled the entire abdominal area.

Part of the obstetrics and gynecology team at the Amrita School of Medicine, Dr. Deepti was assisted by Drs. Usha M. G., Deepa and Nitu P. V.

Meanwhile, Dr. Jyothi Srikanth, also of the School of Medicine, made news of a different kind. She became one of the first Indian doctors to pass an important international exam.

Her feat was recognized through the award of a specialty certificate by the Royal College of Physicians, UK, in association with the British Society of Rheumatology.

Dr. Jyothi SrikanthThe certificate stands testimony to Dr. Jyothi’s knowledge of her specialty and attests to her ability to practice safely and competently as a consultant.

Specialty certificate exams are offered in fields of acute medicine, dermatology, endocrinology and diabetes, gastroenterology, geriatric medicine, infectious diseases, medical oncology, nephrology, neurology, palliative medicine and respiratory medicine.

The exam for rheumatology was conducted for the very first time in September 2010.

Dr. Jyothi joined Amrita in 2002. Seeing numerous patients with rheumatic complaints, while practicing in the department of general medicine, she developed an interest in the field of rheumatology.

“I wanted to help patients complaining of joint pains and connective tissue disorders; there were so many,” informed Dr. Jyothi.

“These complaints occur due to genetic predispositions and environmental factors,” she explained.

Dr. Jyothi obtained an MRCP in general medicine; after which she wrote the exam for the speciality certificate.

We congratulate these doctors who will surely inspire many of their students to tackle new frontiers as they work for the service of humanity.

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