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Startup Tales and Amrita School of Business Amaravati Hosted Successful Entrepreneurial Forum at Pitchfest 2024

March 11, 2024 - 10:54
Startup Tales and Amrita School of Business Amaravati Hosted Successful Entrepreneurial Forum at Pitchfest 2024

In an endeavor to explore the vast landscape of the startup ecosystem, Startup Tales, in collaboration with AMRITA School of Business Amaravati, hosted the Pitchfest 2024 titled “Navigating the Trillion Dollar Economy & Beyond.” The gathering, held on February 16, 2024, featured expert insights, investment strategies, and success stories.

Distinguished speakers from Startup Tales, a global platform linking entrepreneurs, investors, and mentors across India, the USA, and Singapore, took center stage. Mr. Madhu GN, an exponential growth and scale expert, Ms. Loshini, Manager – B2B Partnership, and Mr. Arun Kumar, Chief Strategy Officer, shared their wealth of experience in business development, growth hacking, and strategic planning.

The morning session unfolded with Mr. Madhu elucidating the boundless potential of startups within the trillion-dollar economy, offering keen insights into scaling strategies. Subsequently, Ms. Loshini shared astute investment perspectives, providing a strategic lens for navigating the dynamic startup landscape. Mr. Arun Kumar steered the audience through the triumphant journey of Startup Tales, unraveling tangible insights into growth and development. In the afternoon session, the focus shifted towards the future with the “Student Pitch Presentation,” a platform for budding entrepreneurs to showcase innovative ideas.

Tailored for 30 participants, predominantly MBA students from ASB’s Amaravati campus, the event offered not just knowledge but valuable networking opportunities. Attendees had the chance to engage with speakers and tap into a pool of expertise and resources. Organizers actively solicited feedback through online surveys and social media platforms, recognizing its pivotal role in assessing the event’s impact and charting avenues for improvement.

The Pitchfest 2024 emerged as a forge of ideas, insights, and networking opportunities. As the entrepreneurial spirit continues to burgeon, these events serve as guiding beacons for the next wave of innovators, propelling them towards success.

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