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Faculty, staff and students at the Amritapuri campus had the rare opportunity recently to attend a series of lectures by Swami Anubhavananda Saraswati, who is renowned world-wide for his expositions on Vedanta and Indian thought.

Sharing valuable insights with his audience in the packed auditorium hall, Swamiji first spoke on Success and Well-Being in Life, later expounding upon Chapter 1 of the Bhagavad Gita.

Outlining the reasons for lack of success, Swamiji made many observations. “Our life is full of desires. We are always burdened with thoughts such as, I want this, or I want that. Fulfillment of desires alone cannot bring fulfillment in life.”

Emphasizing the importance of meditation, Swamiji said, “Success is only possible if we are well organized inside. We should spend some time daily organizing our mind. This is only possible through meditation. One who is not integrated within, cannot have the right understanding. Such a person will tend to misunderstand everything.”

In addition to combating the burden of desires and meditating regularly, Swamiji stressed that putting the right effort was important to achieve success.

“Get fully involved in the work, but keep your attention on the quality of your mind. The grace of the Lord goes to those who put efforts. Once you have discovered your field of work, be on a war footing.”

Outlining that our scriptures have described three types of people, he said, “There are those who keep imagining that the work is very difficult and hence never initiate anything. There are those, who are very inspired to start something, but lack the commitment to sustain it. And then, there are those, who may face difficulties, but the more the difficulties, the greater is their determination.”

Swamiji highlighted a couple more attributes of a successful person. “We should have the ability to take decisions quickly. When in doubt, sit with your eyes closed in front of the Lord and pray. Your inner voice will guide you. Slowly, over time, you will develop this faculty.”

“Also, never, never complain about anything or anyone.”

Swamiji is popularly known as the Be-Happy Swami. His happiness was infectious as he easily shared jokes and parables, making his audience laugh. As he proceeded to discuss Chapter 1 of the Bhagavad Gita, he noted, “Once you have heard the Gita, you will lose your freedom to be miserable. According to the Bhagavad-Gita, yoga is not about twisting our bodies. Rather it is the ability to refuse being miserable, under any circumstances.”

“Be happy always. Begin your day in an inspired manner. You will ever be successful.”

“Don’t be serious in life. Be sincere.”

Students, staff and faculty members overwhelmingly expressed their gratitude at having had the opportunity to attend the talks.

“Swamiji’s talks were really enlightening; they made me think,” stated Vishnupriya M. Nair, third-year BTech student of Computer Science and Engineering.

“Swamiji made us laugh and think at the same time,” said Nikhil Menon, final-year BTech student of Mechanical Engineering.

“His words touched my heart. I look forward to more such sessions in our college,” added staff member, Sruthy Anand.

June 12, 2013
Amritapuri Campus

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