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Talent Time @ Mysore Campus

November 24, 2011 - 10:39
Talent Time @ Mysore Campus

Some 200 students representing about 20 PU (Pre University) colleges in and around Mysore city congregated at the Amrita School of Arts and Sciences this past week, to participate in Talent Time 2011, a fest organized especially for them on the Amrita campus.

Product Launch

Next year or the year after that, many of these students will enroll in undergraduate programs such as those offered on the Amrita campus. But for now, they were content to have a good time at the fest, interact with each other, and with the Amrita students.

Participating in events with evocative names such as Net Phocon (web-based photography contest), GenQ (GK Quiz), Noopura (Dance), State En’act and Gully Cricket, they had the opportunity to showcase their talents.

At the same time, the Amrita students who coordinated the fest received the chance to hone their organizational skills.

Quiz Program

Chinmayi B. V., second-year student of M.Sc. (Computer Science) anchored the Net Phocon contest. “Team work between the students, faculty and management was wonderful,” she stated.

Gilson, third-year student of MCA, worked with his friends to develop the software for the quiz competition. “Our entire team learned a lot; we were commended heartily by the participants,” he shared.

The dance competition Noopura was a crowd puller; contestants performed folk and fusion dances. Anjana Bhushan and Badari Divya Bhushan, both of the Academy of Performing Arts and Visual Presentation in Mysore were judges for Noopura. “We had a great time,” they remarked. “There was such good variety among the dancers. Thank you for the wonderful hospitality.”

Quiz Program

Commending the Amrita hospitality also was Krantiraj M., Lecturer, Mahajana First Grade College, Mysore, who judged the event, Product Launch. “This was a wonderful environment; I am pleased by the hospitality of the Amrita students,” he said.

Product Launch was a popular event that drew participation from many. “We were able to discover our hidden talents,” stated one contestant.

“It was a good time that we spent at Amrita,” chimed in B. C. Gangesh, a contestant from Badriprasad P U College in Mysore.

Earlier, at the inauguration, distinguished guests, Sri. N. Raghavendra, DGM, State Bank of Mysore and Sri. Arun Nayar, Head, HRD, Infosys Mysore, spoke to the participating students.

Cultural Fest

“Motivation, right attitude and passion helps one move up the ladder of success,” noted Sri. Raghavendra.

Citing the example of Winston Churchill, Sri. Arun added, “Never, never, never give up in life.” He extolled the virtues of integrity, perseverance, attitude and leadership.

The valedictory function saw Dr. G. Hemantha Kumar, Chairman, Department of Computer Science, University of Mysore, emphasizing the importance of good teachers in building a good society.

“Amrita Talent Time provided PU students a necessary break from their routine academics,” stated Amrita Principal Prof. Vidya Pai.

November 24, 2011
School of Arts and Sciences, Mysore

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