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Wash Your Hands … Stop Infections …

October 11, 2010 - 5:31

October 27, 2010
Health Sciences Campus, Kochi

Does hand washing make the difference between life and death for a patient in a hospital setting?

“Yes,” emphasized the infection control team at Amrita.

Wash Your Hands

“Clean hands are the most important factor in preventing the spread of pathogens in healthcare settings. But the unfortunate truth is that most people simply do not wash their hands as often as they should.”

At Amrita’s Health Sciences campus, a team of infection control professionals reiterated this basic message, during October 11-15, the Hand-Washing Week.

The week culminated on October 15, when Amrita’s entire healthcare staff joined millions worldwide in observing the Global Handwashing Day.

Wash Your Hands

These faculty and staff members took an oath to remember to clean their hands often.

“Recognizing the serious disease burden and significant economic impact that healthcare associated infections place on patients and society, we resolve to inculcate a behavior of proper hand hygiene,” they chanted in unison. “We will also educate our colleagues, seniors, juniors and also our communities on when and how to properly wash hands.”

Poster and quiz competitions for faculty and staff were also organized. A representative from the Advanced Sterilization Products Division, Johnson & Johnson, was invited to provide hands-on-training on proper hand wash practices in clinical departments.

Wash Your Hands

“The objective of hand washing is to remove any transient micro-organisms that may have been acquired through patient contact or in the course of other normal duties,” he underlined.

Sister Sini, the infection control nurse at Amrita, elaborated.

“Contaminations are maximum in patient gowns, bed linen, bed rails, IV stands, ICU monitors, etc. One should properly wash hands after touching these objects also.”

Wash Your Hands

“We have a commitment to our patients to see that we provide this standard of care at Amrita.”

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