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Winning at Home and Abroad

May 8, 2012 - 5:54
Winning at Home and Abroad

Management is a practice where arts, science and crafts meet.

This adage came to life when a team of three students, Hardik Bhate, Michael Darling and Philip Garcia, won the second prize of $10,000 in a Technology Business Plan competition, organized by UCLA’s Anderson School of Management.

Hardik worked on the detailed business plan as part of the winning team, focusing on the major financials for the competition.

“We projected a startup capital of $ 40,000 only. Judges included many venture capitalists such as those from New Mexico Angels, Sun Mountain Capital and Bioprocess Diagnostics. When we presented, we were asked tough questions regarding our business model. But our answers satisfied the judges. Our low product pricing will be accompanied by an additional $5 for every add-on.”

Hardik, Michael and Philip formed the only team of undergraduate students who competed. Other teams included either MBA or PhD students. Most of the students on the other teams had prior work experience, as well.

“All three of us were very busy with class presentations and final exams, yet we somehow made the time for this. I am glad to see that our efforts were so well recognized,” Hardik said.

Hardik had a message for his classmates and junior students. “Folks, be cool and not hyper. Communication is the key. If you can speak and justify what you do, no one can stop you and you will achieve all the best. But, here, never get confused with having an over-confident attitude. Rather have the mind to accept a critique and learn and improve constantly.”

May 8, 2012
School of Arts and Sciences, Amritapuri

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