Amrita University is offering a unique B.Tech Honors programme in Computer Science, with an objective to nurture competitive computer programmers in India. Amrita’s B.Tech honors programme is highly recommended for students who are enthusiastic and motivated in competitive programming and those who wish to pursue their career in core computer science research. Amrita’s B.Tech honors programme is operated on a special curriculum and syllabi taught through a fully flexible choice based credit system. The main objective of the programme will be to nurture the programming talent of honors students through intensive training by the experts and participation in the international programming contests like ACM ICPC. Students are placed in companies like Google, Facebook, Quora, Directi, Linkedin, etc. 

Click here for B.Tech Honors (CSE) Curriculum.


Results of B.Tech Honors contest can be viewed here. As announced earlier, only three students will be called for the next round. They will have a phone in interview before admission.

What is B.Tech Honors in (CSE)?

B.Tech Honors (CSE) is a programme primarily meant for those who are interested in competitive programming. The programme focuses more on mathematics, data strucutures, algorithms etc. and is aimed to produce programmers with good talent in problem solving. If you have a good programming / problem solving skills, you deserve this programme.

How does B.Tech Honors in CSE different from regular B.Tech?

While the regular B.Tech students have to folllow a specific, defined curriculum, B.Tech honors students follow a fully flexible curriculum where they are free to choose any course of their choice in any semester.
Curriculum of B.Tech Honors in CSE

Which all campuses offer B.Tech Honors (CSE)?

There are only 10 seats offered for B.Tech honors. If there are deserving candidates, we will offer the programme in all the three campuses with 10 students each.

How much is the fees for B.Tech Honors CSE?

The fee is the same as regular B.Tech. But if you perform well in the studies according to the curriculum university will waiver the fees. The primary goal of B.Tech Honors (CSE) is to make you train for competitive programming contests like ICPC.

I don't have any background in competitive programming, but still want to try for B.Tech Honors (CSE). What shall I do?

We advice you to register in This is one of the best platforms to learn problem solving and competitive programming. You can start with the following sections in

What is the selection procedure?

Selection to B.Tech Honors (CSE) is through an online contest conducted in on July 2. You can start practicing in the above links. After the contest, if you are able to solve at least one problem, we will call you for an interview at Amritapuri campus. Interview will be technical and personal. Eligibility criteria is - 80% in +2 and 80% in Mathematics.

What if I have already joined for Amrita B.Tech CSE?

Don't worry, you can still apply online. There is no registration fees. Participate in an online contest hosted in on July 2.

Important notice:

All the applicants will receive the email regarding the first round programming contest to be held on July 2, 2016.