amrita-school-of-pharmacy-b-pharm-academics-admissionsThe B. Pharm. Degree course follows a semester pattern from year 2010 onwards. Selection is based on the marks secured in plus two and performance in the interview. B. Pharm. Degree Course is a four-year program (8 semester). It is a versatile interdisciplinary program preparing graduates with a sound knowledge and understanding of the science, technology, and practice of pharmacy.

The core subjects of B. Pharm. include the following:


Study of Pharmaceutical Chemistry enables the student to understand and perform the synthesize, purification and identification of various medicinal agents and the Pharmaceutical analysis look after the quality control and quality assurance aspects of medicines.


The subject deals with the variousl aspects of formulation, preparation and analysis of various pharmaceuticals and cosmetics. A graduate shall be able to formulate, dispense, preserve and analyse the medicines of a prescription and scale up the manufacture of the pharmaceuticals and cosmetics at the commercial level. This need a sound knowledge of the physiochemical properties of drug, need of various additives, selection of solvent, pharmacokinetic parameters of the drug and so on. It also helps the student acquire knowledge and skill to apply quality assurance principles, including legal and ethical aspects involving drugs, delivering a quality assured product as per the pharmacopoeial, WHO and ISO standards including their mechanism of action, therapeutic indications, adverse effects etc.


This helps the student gain knowledge and scientific information regarding pharmacology of drugs, including the practical aspects of pharmacological screening for various medicinal agents using the appropriate animal model, pharmacology calculations, biological standardisation, and in-vivo drug interactions and toxicity studies are also covered under this subject.


The subject of Pharmacognosy deals with drugs of natural sources viz. herbal drugs, their cultivation methods, bio-technological methods, production of pharmaceutical herbal products and their evaluation. The students will develop adequate skill to extract, purify, identify, and know the therapeutic value of herbal/crude/natural products.


The subject of Pharmacy Practice deals with Hospital, Clinical and Community Pharmacy. It provides an understanding of the processes involved in providing primary healthcare, drug information and other clinical pharmacy services in different practice environments. This enables students to acquire knowledge of clinical studies for patient counseling, drug information, adverse drug reaction monitoring, toxicological studies, therapeutic drug monitoring and other similar aspects of Clinical Pharmacy.


Semester 1 Semester 2 Semester 3 Semester 4
Pharmaceutical Chemistry - I (Inorganic)* Pharmaceutical Chemistry - II * ( Elementary Organic Che-mistry) Pharmaceutical Chemistry - III (Pharmaceutical Organic Chemistry) Pharmaceutical Chemistry - IV (Heterocyclic & Stereochemistry)
Dispensing Pharmacy - I Dispensing Pharmacy - II* Physical Pharmacy - I* Physical Pharmacy - II**
Principles of Hospital Pharmacy (Hospital Pharmacy - I) * Drug Store Management (Hospital Pharmacy - II)* Social and Community Pharmacy Pharmaceutical Microbiology
Human Anatomy and Physiology - I * Human Anatomy and Physiology - II** Pharmaceutical Technology General Pharmacology
Computer Application and Audio Visual Programmes # Basic Concepts of Social Life and Psychology Pharmacognosy - I* Pharmacognosy - II*
Value Based Education and Environment Science # Mathematics & Biostatistics # Pharmaceutical Analysis - I Pharmaceutical Chemistry - V (Biochemistry)
Semester 5 Semester 6 Semester 7 Semester 8
Pharmaceutical Chemistry - VI (Chemistry of synthetic drugs) Pharmaceutical Chemistry - VII ( Medicinal Chemistry ) Pharmaceutical Analysis - III ** (Instrumental ) Pharmaceutical Chemistry - VIII (Medicinal Chemistry and Drug Design)
Biopharmaceutics* Pharmaceutical Jurisprudence Formulation Technology Industrial Pharmacy
General Pathophysiology Pharmacy Practice - Concepts and Management Pharmacotherapy - I Pharmacotherapy - II
Systemic Pharmacology - I* Systemic Pharmacology - II** Systemic Pharmacology - III Pharmacological Screening & Toxicol-ogy
Phytochemistry Pharmacokinetics** Industrial Pharmacognosy Clinical Pharmacy Practice
Pharmaceutical Biotechnology Pharmaceutical Analysis II* Project # Project

* Practical Examination will be conducted at the end of Semester II, Semester IV, Semester VI, Semester VIII respectively.
** Practical Exams will cover the previous Semester also.
# School level examination only.

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