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The Bachelor of Computer Applications (BCA) Honours is a 4-year program with an option to exit after 6 semesters with BCA degree. It is designed to provide students with a comprehensive understanding of computer systems, software development, analytics, and various aspects of information technology. This course is an excellent choice for individuals who aspire to pursue a career in the dynamic and rapidly evolving field of computer science.

The curriculum typically includes a mix of theoretical and practical components, covering subjects such as programming languages, database management, computer networks, data structures, software engineering, network/ information security, machine learning and web development. Students are exposed to a range of programming languages for gaining proficiency in writing code and developing software applications.

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In addition to technical skills, the program emphasizes problem-solving, critical thinking, and analytical abilities. Students learn to analyse and solve complex computing problems, making them well-equipped for the challenges of the IT industry.

The course may also include a mandatory internship or project work, providing students with hands-on experience in real-world scenarios. This practical exposure is valuable for bridging the gap between academic knowledge and industry requirements.

Upon completion of the degree, graduates have various career options available to them. They can work as software developers, system analysts, database administrators, web developers, and IT consultants, among other roles. Furthermore, the program can serve as a foundation for pursuing higher education in the related fields.

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Important Date

Commencement of Application Form: February 28, 2024
Program Highlights

The BCA Honours program offers an in-depth curriculum covering advanced topics like artificial intelligence and cybersecurity. With internship opportunities, students gain extensive practical experience, enhanced problem-solving skills, real-world practices and global perspectives. Soft skills development and elaborate choice of electives prepare students for diverse professional roles. This comprehensive program ensures graduates are well-equipped for the dynamic field of information technology.

Career Opportunities

Graduates of the BCA Honours programme have a diverse range of career opportunities in the field of information technology such as Software Developer, System Analyst, Database Administrator, IT Consultant, Data Scientist, etc.




4 Years- 8 Semester


  • As per AICTE norms
  • Strong knowledge in Mathematics/Statistics is preferred


Selection will be based on merit and interview process.

Fee Structure

Program Fee for the year 2024-25 (Semester Wise)

Tuition Fee: Rs. 48,700

Caution Deposit: Rs. 3,000

# Scholarship available for meritorious students. Please contact Admission Office (+91 830 400 4400) for details.


Semester I
Sl. No. Course Title Theory / Practical Credits
1 Foundations of Indian Heritage T+P 2
2 English 1 T 2
3 Language I T 2
4 Mastery Over Mind T+P 2
5 Environmental Science and Sustainability T 4
6 Mathematics for Computing I T 4
7 Computer Fundamentals and Digital Electronics T+P 4
8 Problem Solving and Computer Programming using C T 3
9 Problem Solving and Computer Programming using C Lab P 1
10 Introduction to Linux – LAB P 2
Credits (A) 26
Semester II
Sl. No. Course Title Theory / Practical Credits
1 Glimpses of Glorious India T+P 2
2 English 2 T 2
3 Language II T 2
4 Database Management System T 3
5 Mathematics for Computing II T 4
6 Object Oriented Programming Using JAVA T 4
7 Database Management System LAB P 1
8 Object Oriented Programming Using JAVA LAB P 1
9 UI Design P 2
Credits (B) 21
Semester III
Sl. No. Course Title Theory / Practical Credits
1 Amrita Value Programme 1 T 1
2 Life Skills 1 T/P 2
3 Mathematics for Computing III T 4
4 Data Structures T 4
5 Operating Systems T 3
6 Computer Organization and Architecture T 3
7 Open Elective 1 T 3
8 Data Structures LAB P 1
9 Web Technologies T+P 3
Credits (C) 24
Semester IV
Sl. No. Course Title Theory / Practical Credits
1 Amrita Values Programme II T 1
2 Life Skills II T/P 2
3 Open Elective 2 T 3
4 Computer Networks T+P 4
5 Full Stack Frameworks T 4
6 Data Mining T 3
7 Design and Analysis of Algorithm T 4
8 Full Stack Framework LAB P 1
9 Workshop/Certification P 1
Credits (D) 23
Semester V
Sl. No. Course Title Theory / Practical Credits
1 Life Skills III T/P 2
2 Machine Learning T 3
3 Machine Learning Lab P 1
4 Python Frameworks T+P 4
5 Live in Labs*/Open Elective T 3
6 Mobile Application Development T+P 3
7 Lab Elective 1 P 1
8 Elective – 1 T 3
9 Internship/Minor Project 4
Credits (E) 24
Semester VI
Sl. No. Course Title Theory / Practical Credits
1 Automata Theory and Compiler Design T 4
2 Software Engineering T+P 4
3 Elective 2 T 3
4 Professional Elective 1 T+P 4
5 Project/Internship P 4
6 Lab Elective 2/MOOC P 1
7 Cryptograhy and Cyber Security T 3
Credits (F) 23
Total Credits after 3 years (A+B+C+D+E+F): 141 Credits
Exit Option: Award of B.C.A. Degree after 3 years
Semester VII (Honours)
Sl. No. Course Title Theory / Practical Credits
1 Professional Elective 2 T+P 4
2 Professional Elective 3 T+P 4
3 Lab Elective 3 P 1
4 Elective 3 T 3
5 Elective 4 T 3
6 Elective 5 T 3
Credits (G) 18
Semester VIII (Honours)
Sl. No. Course Title Theory / Practical Credits
1 Professional Elective 4 T+P 4
2 Elective 6 T+P 3
3 Project 12
Credits (H) 19
Total Credits after 3 years (A+B+C+D+E+F+G+H): 178 Credits
Award of B.C.A. (Honours) Degree
Sl. No. Course Title
1 Advanced Operating Systems
2 Software Testing
3 Enterprise Resource Planning
4 Open-Source Systems
5 Parallel and Distributed Computing
6 Automation and Robotics
7 Software Defined Networks
8 Embedded Systems
9 Robotic Operating System
10 Software Quality Assurance
11 Web Services
12 Deep Learning
13 Linear Algebra and Applications
14 Artificial Intelligence
15 Database Administration
16 Time Series Analysis
17 Information Retrieval
18 Information Science and Ethics
19 Pattern Recognition
20 Recommendation Systems
21 Web Mining
22 Business Analytics and Visualization
23 Computational Intelligence
24 Essentials of Cyber security
25 Malware Analysis
26 Blockchain and decentralized applications
27 Fundamentals of cyber security operations
28 Cloud and Infrastructure security
29 Cybersecurity Governance, Risk and Compliance
30 Cyber Security Law
31 Machine learning and artificial Intelligence in Cyber security
32 Mobile Security and Defense
33 Cyber Forensics
34 Security Architecture for Databases and Applications
35 Mastering 5G/6G Technologies
36 MVVM pattern with .NET Core using DotVVM
37 Mobile Computing
38 Intellectual Property Rights
39 Cyber Physical Systems
40 Functional Programming
41 Digital Twin
42 Social Media Management and Content Creation
43 Computer Language Engineering
44 Smart Contracts and Blockchain Security
45 Linux Administration
46 Research Methodology
Professional Electives
Sl. No. Course Title
1 IoT Architectures and Programming
2 Advanced Software Engineering and Design Patterns
3 Advanced Data Mining and Applications
4 Architecture and Deployment of Secure and Scalable WAN
5  Introduction to Business Analytics and Visualization
6 Data Modelling and Visualization
7 Exploratory Data Analysis
8 Machine Learning
9 Big Data Analytics and Visualization
10 Natural Language Processing
11 Computer Vision
13 System Security
14 Web Application Security
15 Network Security
16 VAPT (Vulnerability and Penetration Testing)
17 Complex Network Analysis
18 Connected Internet of Things Devices
19 IoT and Cloud Computing
20 Semantic Web Technologies
21 Computer Graphics and Visualization
22 DevOps
23 Digital Image Processing
24 Advanced Computer Networks
25 Advanced Web Technologies and Mean Stack
26 Multivariate Statistics
27 Fourier Transformation
28 Graph Theory and Combinatorics
29 Operations Research and Optimization
30 Azure DevOps
31 Social Media Mining
32 Computational Biology
33 Smart Contracts and Blockchain Security
35 Database Security Fundamentals
Lab Electives
Sl. No. Course Title
1 Python Scripting for Security
2 Ethical Hacking
3 Android Programming
4 UX Design
5 Competitive programming
6 Edge computing
7 R programming
8 MATLAB Programming
9 High-Performance computing
10 Cyber Security LAB
11 Algorithms Lab
12 Deep Learning Lab
13 SQLite
14 Full Stack Dot NET Web Developer
15 Information Security Lab
16 Xamarin Native Application Development
17 ASP.NET Core RESTful Web Service Development
18 Flutter Application Development
19 Smart Contract Programming
20 Research Learning and Problem Formulation

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