B.Sc Intensive Care Technology is a well in demand course. Services of an intensive care technologist are highly desired in every hospital and healthcare unit. Here in this course you will be learning all about intensive care given to the ICU patients. You learn monitoring the equipment, recording the data and providing these data to the physicians. You will be also learning providing first-aid to patients in the absence of suitable medical aid.

Job Opportunities and Prospects

On finishing this course you are easily placed in the hospitals. You work in hospitals in ICUs, emergency rooms, trauma centres and similar healthcare settings requiring emergency and critical care. Hospitals working in both the private and public sector will be in need of your services.

Other places to look for employment are government hospitals, military hospitals, railway hospitals and so on. You can undertake a post graduate program like M.Sc in Intensive care technology. You may also get to do research work in the field by opting for a doctoral program.

You can join this program at
Undergraduate (UG)
Center for Allied Health Sciences