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Excellent placement record of 88 % for the eligible students in 2021 Batch

The Corporate & Industry Relations supports the placement process by identifying relevant career opportunities for those who are seeking placement assistance.

It provides timely update to the students about available opportunities in other organizations of relevance. An array of companies visit Amrita for placement.

SI. NoName Name Hgher studies /Placement details
1 Medicherla Sai Charan Bharadwaj Offered one year internship in Analog Devices
SI. NoName Name Hgher studies /Placement details
1 Preethi J. Currently Intern in Maxim Integrated
2 Vangara Saiprudhvi Completed 10 month Internship in Digilogic
SI. NoName Name Hgher studies /Placement details
1 Aiswarya Arun Toshiba
2 Anjali V. S. Nokia
3 Anupama S Elayath Fire Compass
4 Battina Sindhu Ph. D., BITS Hyderabad
5 Lakshmi K. K. TCS,Chennai
6 Saravana Muthu K. Nokia
7 Sreedevi M. Intel
8 Srilakshmi P. Wipro
SI. NoName Name Hgher studies /Placement details
1 Aishwarya Lecturer
2 Anjali K. S. TCS
3 Athira K. TCS
3 Chakka Sai Pradeep Toshiba. Pursuing Part-time PhD – IIIT Bengaluru
5 Diana Abraham C. Rockwell and Collins
6 Divya Bharathi S. Dassult
7 Durga P. Intel
8 Kadambari Sai Kiran Completed internship in CAIR, DRDO. Currently PhD, IISc, Blr
9 Krishna Teja P. V. S. Nokia
10 Lakshmi R. Completed Internship in National Aerospace Laboratories (NAL) and working as Research Assosciate in NAL
11 Nikhitha S. R. Nokia
12 Pandey Amitesh Virendra Nath Tenet techentronics
13 Pasumarthy Bhargava Teja Rockwell and Collins
14 Pranav K. O. Auto Liv
15 Ramya V. Rockwell and Collins
16 Salini Joy Completed Internship in National Aerospace Laboratories (NAL). Placed in CTS
17 Sreedevi Prabhakaran Completed Internship in ABB. Currently working with WABCO
18 Vieeralingaam G. Ph. D ., Amrita School of Engineering
SI. NoName Name Hgher studies /Placement details
1 Adarsh J. CTS
3 Amrutha M. V. INFOSYS
4 Anand Lecturer
5 Aparna Madanan CTS
6 Athira Krishna TCS
7 Dayadas K. G. Lecturer
8 Haritha Ph.D , AVVP
9 Jeena Elsa George CTS
11 Krithika P. Nokia
13 Megha S. Kumar Ph.D ,Amrita School of Engineering
14 Niranjan R. CTS, Vihaan networks
15 Reshma S. Nokia
16 Karnenena Rohit Kumar Ph.D, NIT Raipur
17 Sahana C. Completed Internship in Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO). Currently pursuing Ph.D , Amrita School of Engineering
18 Seetha Ravi P. CTS
19 Seethal C. R. Ph.D ,Amrita School of Engineering
20 Sreeju Sivaram Infosys
21 Sreeraj S. J. Ph.D , IITM
22 Supriya A. S. CTS
23 Swetha Vinayan Completed Internship in National Aerospace Laboratories (NAL).
25 Visak P. Infosys
SI. NoName Name Hgher studies /Placement details
1 Alphin J. Thottupattu PhD, IIIT- Hyderabad
2 Aparna S. Raghunath Scientist Engineer
Vikram Sarabhai Space Centre
3 Aravintha Prashanth K TCS
4 Arun Das K. CTS
5 Arun Kumar S. Placed in Honeywell . Currently working as Lecturer
6 Haritha C. CSS Corp
7 Kasthuri Thilagam B. TCS
8 Meenu S. Kumar TCS
9 Muthukrishnan M. G. CTS
10 Neha S. CISCO
11 Sandra Prasad CTS
12 Suganya M. TCS
13 Thushara S. CTS
14 Vignesh R. HCL Technologies
15 Sreekumar K. T. Ph.D , AVVP

Internships Offered by

Our Alumni

Sreedevi M.

Hardware Engineer,Bangalore

Sai Pradeep Chakka

Software Engineer,Bangalore

Kadambari Sai Kiran

Ph. D. Student,IISc Bangalore

Sreedevi Prabhakaran

Embedded Software Engineer,Chennai

Neha S.

Software Engineer,Bangalore

Ramya V.

Software Engineer,Bangalore

Reshma S.

Senior Engineer,Chennai

Alphin J. Thottupattu

Ph. D. Student
IIIT Hyderabad

Rohit Kumar K.

Research, Odisha

Sreeraj S. J.

Ph. D. Student,IIT Madras

Divya Bharathi S.

R & D Engineer,Pune


Project Engineer,Chennai

Aparna Raghunath

Scientist Engineer,Thiruvananthapuram

Our Recruiters

Program Objectives Synonymous with Student Views

Medicherla Sai Charan Bharadwaj
Analog Devices Bangalore

I consider myself very fortunate to be studying in Amrita. Joined Communication Systems due to my fascination in Wireless Communication and Signal Processing. Our Curriculum is precise, industry-oriented and thoroughly updated catering to latest needs. The Faculty here are experts in their domains and very supportive. There are many opportunities for M.Tech students in form of internships and placements. With the knowledge that i have gained in studying here, I got selected for an internship at Analog Devices.

Vangara Sai Prudhvi
Digilogic Systems Pvt. Ltd Hyderabad

My interest in signal processing and in particular mathematical models involved in signal processing, information theory and communication theory at graduate level made me to opt for this program in masters. Here i got exposure to domain specific programming using python, MATLAB, GNU radio, to understand the concept better. A well experienced faculty here changed my way of learning and understanding the concept, in short i can say my perspective towards concepts are changed. This course provides opportunities in wireless communication, signal processing, information theory, RF theory, machine learning etc, In Digilogic, where I have done my internship mainly work on communication and signal processing areas, this course made my role easy in industry because the theory behind the parameters used is already learnt, the only thing is dealing with them.

Preethi J.
Maxim Integrated Bangalore

The program curriculum has been designed not only to offer in-depth theoretical knowledge in areas of Communication Engineering, Signal Processing and Wireless Communication but also on system modelling aspects which fall in-line with the requirements from industry. The faculty at Amrita are friendly and well-qualified. Not only do they offer challenging assignments but also help in taking up the challenging problems and arrive at the solution. Semester Abroad Programs, Dual Degree programs and internship opportunities at Amrita is at par with IITs and NITs undoubtedly. Having grabbed an internship and FTE opportunity from Maxim Integrated, I can clearly vouch for this program to be at par with industrial standards where I’m currently applying my theoretical knowledge into practical applications everyday.

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